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Laleli region is mostly engaged in export activities. We have been organizing Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival since 2012. This year will be the fourth edition of "LALELİ FASHION SHOPPING FESTIVAL" which we organize to enable almost 7.000 businesses active in Laleli region to better use production, marketing and sales channels; to increase export volume and thus, to provide foreign exchange earnings.

As in last year, we started working on the organization of the buyer delegation programme supported by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy. Due to a shrink in our existing markets and emergence of new markets particularly in Africa, we will be hosting buyer delegations from 27 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Zambia, Mali, Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sudan, Nigeria, Iran, Senegal, Brazil, Pakistan, India, China, South Africa, Lebanon and Ghana. In this respect, our sponsors will have the opportunity to have primary and b-to-b meetings with the buyer delegations to come. Together with our buyer delegations, we will be organizing briefings, shop visits and bilateral meetings during the festival in order to promote Laleli and the companies here, as well as our production, sales, export, product quality and diversity.

Our sponsors will have the opportunity to promote their companies in special stands that will be set up on Laleli Street and will have the chance to introduce their brands to thousands of visitors in their stands. We are making our stand activities a more colorful and more productive for our sponsors this year. This activity, which witnesses a big intensity and crowd, is a promotion organization by itself now. Thus, your clients and visitors will understand and feel that your company is a special and an elite one.

Our country is growing every other day in terms of its commercial activities. And Laleli takes its responsibility in contributing to Turkish economy. When our activities will be published in both national and international media for days and even for weeks, this will also contribute to the brand awareness of both Laleli and your company. You will strengthen as a company through this organization that supports the promotion of your growing and developing business and will enlarge your vision.

You can share the mission of IV. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival by sponsoring this giant organization and promote your brand and vision to larger masses through this organization where there will be press members from all over Turkey and foreign countries.


"Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival" organized for a third time at Laleli this year turned into a glorious Show where the fashion, arts and political communities gathered together.


During 'III. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival' which has been increasing its participant and visitor numbers every year, Laleli region got its fill of shopping and joy. The festival, which has an extensive activity programme, started with a cortege walk organized by Gencer Savaş Band and attended by Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir and LASIAD Board Members and LASIAD members. The whole festival continued with the same glow of the first day till the end. The shows of Gothic Circus, Butterfly, Dragon, The Great Gatsby and Little Garden which came from Ibiza made the participants experience unforgettable moments. Laleli streets were full of music with the Event Car which was specially prepared for the festival. There were also surprise shows and activities. In addition, Laleli Streets were lightened with special street lamps prepared specially for the festival. And so, visitors had a different experience in Laleli, where there was fashion, music, fun and shopping together. Or in other words, shopping was made fun with 'III. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival'. With 'III. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival', Laleli, where there way day-long activities, turned into the biggest open-air shopping center of the World.


Buyer Delegations from 27 countries were organized by LASIAD with the cooperation of ITO and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy within the scope of festival, in order to provide economic contributions to Laleli and to penetrate into new markets.

Businessmen in the buyer delegation group invited from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Zambia, Mali, Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sudan, Nigeria, Iran, Senegal, Brazil, Pakistan, India, China, South Africa, Lebanon and Ghana established permanent and long-term collaborations with sponsors of III. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival. From a different point of view, the festival stood out as a trade organization that is not a trade show in Turkey. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival is an important organization in terms of increasing foreign trade volume of the country and inflow of foreign exchange.


Organized for the first time in 2012 and renewing itself in all its editions, Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival brought in something new in 2014 and provided a stand space for its 'Platinum and Gold Sponsors' on Mesihpaşa street and thus, brought sponsors with visitors together.


The fashion shows which now turned into a tradition and which started with a 150-meter long catwalk in the first festival, will be extended for 50 meters more this year and will be 300 meter long. The catwalk to be set up on Mesihpaşa Street is planned to start at the point where Mesihpaşa and Laleli streets intersect and will extend through the point where Şair Fitnat and Mesihpaşa Streets intersect. As in the previous editions, our trans tower will be located at the center where Koska Street and Mesihpaşa Street intersect and there will be 4 LED screens where the sponsoring companies' ads will be broadcasted.

Negotiations with a world-wide renowned top model for the fashion show has been completed, and this will make the festival to have an extensive coverage in world media. Another famous name of the fashion show will be Tülin Şahin, who will walk in the fashion show.

2015 SHOWS

The first day of IV. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival to be organized on 24-30 August 2015 will again start with a cortege walk as in previous editions. The fashion show to be organized in the second day and colorful characters during the whole festival will make us live the festival in Laleli streets.


As in the previous edition, within the scope of IV. Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival, buyer delegations from 27 countries will be organized and sponsors will be gathered together with these delegations during the festival. Sponsors will be gathered together with the buyer delegations both on the area and in B2B meetings to be organized.


To develop the stands of the sponsors which are set up at the end of the catwalk on Mesihpaşa Street and to provide a better-quality service for our sponsors, we are planning to provide a special stands area on Laleli Street.

And by organizing an area on the streets where the company stands will be on both side sides of the street, as in a trade show, a small trade fair area will be created as an innovation in this year's festival. This will enable companies to exhibit their products on their stands and offer a better service for the visitors.