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Again, with the same excitement

Regions and cities live and develop with their values. Those values may be formed within the historical process or arise in periodical dimension. Laleli Shopping and Fashion Festival came into existence as an opinion suggested eight years before and has come to these days as a value of our region. This festival which was organized with different concepts and contents in the previous years has undertaken various missions in time and added important values to our region. Arising with the purpose of developing brand value and image of Laleli, this project has contributed much in achieving the goal of being a world-famous and efficient fashion center by Laleli. It has preserved excitement and dynamics of the region in difficult political processes of our country and provided a strong motivation to our country. This organization with increasing commercial gains based on its energy raising day by day and its developing structure is one of the most important commercial events of İstanbul and our country as of today. The organization where we host buyers coming to Turkey from many different countries of the world and ensure important commercial cooperation with them in global terms can be thought as an important cornerstone on the way of goals for 2023. In addition to contributions made in the future vision of Laleli, developing the fact of acting together, Laleli Shopping and Fashion Festival has turned into an excited and global-scale organization where fashion and shopping get together. While we feel it deeply in time, it has undertaken an important mission in the name of strengthening and extending commercial bridges developed from past to these days. In this sense, this festival to be performed for the eighth time is one of the most important values of future journey of Laleli.

Power of all works made is related to continuity of that work. Only works which become permanent can be turned into added value. We, as LASIAD, have always believed in this event despite difficult processes and sustained it. Today, this festival is an attracting organization that gets its feet on the ground and has taken its place on the agendas of global buyers. It is the strongest fruit of our efforts made in the name of making Laleli a world brand. This organization that needs to be proud of by everybody who loves, internalizes and lives Laleli is an important means of awareness that we can transfer to the future generations. It is the biggest indicator of what we can do if we want and believe from the heart in the name of our region. “Laleli Fashion & Shopping Festival” is the name of collaborating and standing shoulder to shoulder.

We will be happy and honored to see all of our friends and shareholders with us in this event. While sadness diminishes together, happiness also grows together. We invite all friends of Laleli to this organization in the name of sharing our happiness and excitement. We thank to chairmen of all chambers and unions who believe in, trust and support us in realization of this event. We thank to everybody who has participated in our festival from the beginning and who has shared our excitement. So glad we have you, so glad we are together and united.

Giyasettin Eyyüpkoca