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Hearts beating together…

Time flows…years go by so fast. What remains in our minds in all this turmoil are those events and activities that leave their traces in time. And among them, Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival comes at the top of the list, without doubt. For this big organization that we are going to organize for a fourth time this year, we are again very excited, happy and proud, as well. When we look back, we can see our progress. The dreams of those days are now reality today. We are talking about an incredible change followed by the world. This festival is now one that shakes the world of fashion and renews the concept of festival thoroughly. The efforts and working hours spent, the great efforts made.. whatever you name it… this strength is now a value, an asset for Laleli. And succeeding and even more importantly, keeping it alive lies in the belief in Laleli.

This festival which will be organized for a fourth time this year, in fact, symbolizes many details. And the most important of them is, without doubt, the unity and solidarity of Laleli. This festival is an indicator of the fact that a region could be a single soul and band together. It is the proof of how dreams could come through. For us, this festival is a unique adventure showing that believing is a sine qua non for success, that not only know-how but also hearts should be laid on the table for success, how rich it becomes when all hearts beat together, that efforts are never wasted and the importance of comrades in difficult processes. Therefore, words are not enough to articulate our feelings. To understand our feelings you should experience the festival with us and feel that emotion. At that time, the shine you will feel in your heart will be in your ears as the heartbeats of all the heroes of Laleli. This dream coming through is the name of both real success and unity and solidarity for us.

Hereby, I would like to extend my respect and gratitude to our friends who took responsibility with us and set their hearts on. You can be sure about one thing. If it was not for you, there would not be such a festival. As I always say, so glad that we have you, so glad that we are friends, brothers and sisters, and so glad that we walk together in this way. I wish that this fourth festival will be good for our region and our country and hope to see you in the festival.


Gıyasettin Eyyüpkoca

LASİAD President